100x more accurate than GNSS

Swift – 100x more accurate than traditional GNSS

Drones require precise navigation – especially those that perform critical functions. Swift navigation solutions use real-time kinematics (RTK) technology, a location method that is 100 times more accurate than traditional GNSS such as GPS. Swift Navigation is the manufacturer of the Piksi Multi GNSS receiver. Its dual-frequency operation offers fast RTK convergence and reliable, centimeter-accurate results at an affordable price.

Swift RTK Navigation

Swift uses satellite constellations to determine your position with centimeter accuracy. Multiple signal bands enable fast convergence times and multiple satellite constellations increase availability. Piksi supports GPS L1 / L2 and is hardware-capable for GLONASS G1 / G2, BeiDou B1 / B2, Galileo E1 / E5b, QZSS L1 / L2 and SBAS.


  • Fast RTK convergence times
  • High competitiveness
  • Easy integration into a wide variety of applications
  • Future-proof hardware with in-field software upgrades
  • Onboard Linux enables flexibility


  • Dual frequency RTK GPS L1 / L2
  • Hardware-ready for: GLONASS G1 / G2, BeiDou B1 / B2, Galileo E1 / E5b, QZSS L1 / L2, SBAS
  • 10 Hz resolution
  • Advanced MEMS oscillator technology
  • On-board MEMS IMU and magnetometer
  • Flexible interfaces including UART, Ethernet, CAN and USB
  • Real-time clock (RTC) for quick starts
  • External clock input
  • 32 user definable GPIO pins

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