The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA report countless drones that fly dangerously close to airports and airplanes, thereby provoking several almost collisions. As the number of drones continues to increase, these mid-air approaches will continue to increase.

DroneShield offers fast and reliable detection of nearby drones to protect airports from potential collisions

Airports use DroneShield to detect drones using acoustic sensors that are placed around the perimeter. An extensive signature database allows DroneShield to distinguish drones from other ambient noises and to identify RPAS. The system can be easily integrated into existing solutions and immediately sends an alarm if a drone is detected. DroneShield saves the details of the incident for later evaluation and tracking.

How DroneShield helps airports

  • Identifies drone activity that other systems cannot detect
  • Alerts security personnel with the type and approximate location of the drone
  • enables early intervention through early warning
  • records the data to secure evidence