C-UAS Counter Drone Equipment

With Droneshield, Koller Engineering offers a complete range of products for drone detection and defeat for stationary and mobile purposes.

Droneshield Produkte haben sich bereits bei einer Vielzahl von Kunden und Projekten bewährt. Das Sensornetzwerk mit proprietärer Multisensor-Erkennungstechnologie detektiert zuverlässig Drohnen im überwachten Luftraum und verhindert das Eindringen von Drohnen in sensible Bereiche.


Drone detection with a multi-sensor approach

DroneShield nutzt einen Multisensor-Ansatz, um eingehende Drohnen zu detektieren, zu orten und zu identifizieren. Die Multisensor-Analyse ermöglicht es, Drohnen mit hoher Genauigkeit zu erkennen.

  • Radiofrequenzsensoren detektieren und verifizieren Drohne und Pilot über deren ausgesendete Signale
  • Radar sensors detect and locate drones using radar beams
  • Highly sensitive cameras allow visual confirmation day and night.
Droneshield C2 at Altenrhein Airport (CH) more…

Portable drone detection

RfPatrol is a portable drone detection device. The device detects drones in the area and warns the wearer immediately.

RfPatrol, portable drone detection device more…

Drone defense measures

DroneShield offers with DroneCannon and DroneGun safe and highly effective countermeasures for stationary and mobile use. DroneShield countermeasures enable the controlled management of drone payloads such as explosives and contraband.

  • 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz jammers for interrupting control and audio / video signals
  • 433 Mhz and 915 MHz jammers for interrupting control signals
  • GNSS L2 & L1 jammers to interrupt satellite navigation
DroneGun Tactical mehr…

DroneShield drone defense is suitable for protecting the following systems:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Airports
  • Events
  • Commercial buildings
  • Production facilities
  • Football stadiums or training centers
  • Data center
  • Proving ground
  • Industrial site
  • Oil rigs
  • Concert events
  • Public buildings
  • Police stations
DroneGun der ersten Generation am WEF Davos (CH)

Droneshield anti-drone technology can be handheld, installed on vehicles, used as a temporary installation, or permanently installed.

C2 user interface

Droneshield integrates with existing systems and uses a variety of methods such as SMS, email or existing video or event management systems. DroneShield can be easily integrated into your existing security system.

Droneshield includes a browser-based visual interface that provides an overview of all activities.

Product video C2

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