Portable drone detection device

Book a demonstration now: Contact RfPatrol is a highly versatile, fully passive/non-emitting portable UAS detection device. The device provides the user with true situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. The RfPatrol device automatically detects drones moving around the environment. The RfPatrol can be operated in two modes, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Glimpse’ , allowing the user … Read more

DroneLight high-performance LED floodlight for drones

DroneLight High Power LED Koller Engineering presents DroneLight, the world’s brightest LED for drones. DroneLight turns the multicopter into a flying floodlight mast. DroneLight is ideal for nocturnal photo and video recordings, search and rescue tasks and the illumination of event locations or accident sites. DroneLight is compatible with drones from DJI, Mikrokopter, Pixhawk and … Read more

c-UxS protection for ships and docks

DroneShield offers a complete c-UxS solution for ships and ship docks. Thanks to the multi-sensor fusion, the operators are informed of potential threats, and multi-level defense options are available to counter detected threats. Industry-leading sensors detect, identify, and track air or subsea systems and return live data to a command-and-control interface.

Drones for surveying

Drones are suitable for measuring and surveying objects, e.g. roofs, facades, properties, fields and volume calculations of piles of bulk material or embankments. In addition, a technology is used that has made enormous progress in recent years: photogrammetry. How photogrammetry works With photogrammetry, a building, parcel or other object is photographed from different angles. These … Read more

Workswell Wiris applications

Workswell publishes application stories where you can read how our customers use the Workswell thermal imaging system for drones in their area of interest. Building diagnostics CONDITION OF BUILDINGS Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings by detecting thermal bridges and other anomalies. Roof inspections FIND ROOF LEAKS Locating wet insulation … Read more

New: logo with drone

Koller Engineering complements its logo with a stylized drone to show our connection to the drone market and to immediately convey to the viewer what he can expect from us: drones and drone detection!    

C-UAS Counter Drone Equipment

With Droneshield, Koller Engineering offers a complete range of products for drone detection and defeat for stationary and mobile purposes. Droneshield products have already proven themselves in a large number of projects. The sensor network with proprietary multi-sensor detection technology reliably detects drones in the monitored airspace and prevents drones from penetrating into protected areas. … Read more

Fleet management

Efficient drone fleet management saves costs and increases efficiency. We keep your drone fleet up-to-date and take care of repairs, check-ups and replacement devices. Benefit from higher productivity through safe and functional devices, a minimized risk of downtime and reliable planning. We analyze your drone fleet and make you an individual offer for tailor-made fleet … Read more