Drone defense

Drone detection and defense is technologically demanding and currently subject to short development cycles. The following steps describe a multi-stage process that has proven to be a suitable measure in practice. Detect the drone Drones require special procedures in order to be detected at all. In practice, sensor combinations with radio frequency and radar sensors, … Read more

Research project examines the use of drones in Switzerland

Koller Engineering was allowed to contribute to the content of the study “Professional use of drones in Switzerland”. That of the University of Neuchâtel The coordinated project “Power and Space in the Drone Age” is tackling this topic for the first time on this scale. The Swiss National Science Foundation supports the project. Working paper … Read more

Drones measure structures

Drones are suitable for measuring the lengths and volumes of buildings and other objects. In addition, a technology is used that has made enormous progress in recent years: photogrammetry. Continue reading…

Indoor navigation

Pozyx Indoor Navigation (navigation without GNSS / GPS) Alternatively, a Pozyx system can be installed in rooms without stable reception. The anchors should be placed in a rectangular shape. The anchor with the lowest ID will act as the “origin” and should be placed at the lower left corner of the rectangle. Each of the … Read more

Aerial photography

Aerial photography with drones Pictures say more than a thousand words, this also applies to aerial photography with drones. We deliver high-resolution images and videos that can be used for image brochures, photo printouts, websites or for documentation purposes. Our pilots arrive with accurate material and know the local (flight) regulations, so that nothing stands … Read more

RfZero – New product video

RfZero is a quickly deployable UAS detection device that is ideal for small to medium-sized locations. A single RfZero is used to monitor a prison or government building for drone activity in the immediate vicinity. RfZero is lightweight and inexpensive and can be installed either temporarily or permanently. More…

GPS, differential GPS and RTK for drones

Drones are dependent on precise positioning in space. How does GPS, Differential GPS or RTK work with drones? GPS There are several active satellite navigation systems called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) that can be used for civil purposes. The best known is GPS (USA), there is also GLONASS (Russia), Baidou (China) and Gallileo (Europe, … Read more

100x more accurate than GNSS

Swift – 100x more accurate than traditional GNSS Drones require precise navigation – especially those that perform critical functions. Swift navigation solutions use real-time kinematics (RTK) technology, a location method that is 100 times more accurate than traditional GNSS such as GPS. Swift Navigation is the manufacturer of the Piksi Multi GNSS receiver. Its dual-frequency … Read more

esurance.ch – insurance of drones

A contribution by esurance.ch So-called drones, copters, quadrocopters and multicopters are all the rage. Most of the aircraft are equipped with a camera with which impressive photos and videos can be taken. But who pays if the drone crashes and damages property or people? In the following article we explain what to look out for … Read more

Rigidity and strength of multicopter frames

A supporting function The frame is the load-bearing structure of the multicopter, which should be as light as possible, but still stable, practical and with good flight characteristics. The choice of material and the geometry of the frame structure have a significant impact on these properties. When it comes to the frame material used, weight, … Read more

Repair service for DJI Mavic

Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ carries out repairs and conversions on DJI Mavic. Our customers include photographers and filmmakers, farmers, surveyors, architects, industrial companies and scientists. Work in our well-equipped service and repair center trained and experienced technicians and pilots. We look after all known brands. Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ specializes in repairs and modifications to … Read more