Commercial facilities

DroneShield helps commercial establishments and large gaming venues to secure their surroundings. DroneShield is suitable as a permanent installation or as a temporary installation for theme parks, universities, office parks and stadiums. DroneShield integrates well into existing security systems for highly accurate detection and real-time warning of drones.

Drone detection offers more comprehensive protection against terrorists, demonstrators, vandals, or annoying fans at commercial and public events.

How DroneShield protects commercial facilities, stadiums, and events:

  • Provides three-dimensional surveillance, with coverage of the ground and air space
  • Stores alarm data as digital evidence for later legal action
  • Reduces legal liabilities
  • Easy to transport and quick to set up
  • Protects spectators and participants and maintains physical integrity
  • Protects proprietary material or information by preventing unauthorized recording and transmission
  • Can be integrated into existing security procedures and systems


Loose regulations for unmanned aircraft make it easy for drone pilots to fly into office complexes, shopping malls, universities, film studios, theme parks and other open air locations. Drones can disrupt or threaten and endanger public safety if, for example, an airplane crashes into a populated area. Their presence can reveal proprietary information, such as a new attraction being built, activity on a movie set, or research in an office or university. DroneShield detects the threat in advance, reducing the potential for privacy violations and lawsuits for commercial establishments.

Event protection

Rallies, concerts, sporting events, political gatherings, protests, parades, filming and other highly visible activities pose unique threats to public safety. High entertainment events or demonstrations are great ways to spy and illegally record. Even drone pilots with harmless intentions can cause injuries if their UAV accidentally crashes into a crowd.

Event security teams use DroneShield to monitor all dimensions of an event space, on the ground and in the air. DroneShield offers temporary installation options for special occasions, even in places with minimal infrastructure, such as beaches or golf courses.

Stadiums and other large-scale venues

Drones can capture a bird’s eye view of football games, concerts, and other large events. You can fly over the event without fences and will not be detected by the safety devices on the ground. This makes drones ideal tools for unlicensed recording and transmission of illegally recorded material. Drones can also crash over crowds and thus endanger the safety of the audience and the performers.

Stadiums use DroneShield to protect the audience, players and social property. Our acoustic sensors are used on the outer and inner perimater and offer three-dimensional monitoring of the stadium area and the surrounding airspace.