Correctional facilities

Correctional institutions face challenges such as smugglers using drones to bring drugs, weapons, cell phones and other contraband goods onto the premises. In order to maintain the high security standards, drone detection is therefore indispensable. Correctional institutions integrate DroneShield into their zone-based alarm systems to maintain consistent, complete monitoring of their premises, airspace and facilities. The alarm enables early warning of drone activities, which enables security personnel to react quickly to dangers that endanger security and the organization.

DroneShield helps prisons protect themselves against drones used in smuggling

DroneShield consists of sensors that can be placed on the perimeter. The DroneShield database contains drones that are used for smuggling operations. The surrounding activity can be monitored via a browser-based interface. If a drone is detected, DroneShield immediately generates an alarm via SMS, email or your existing alarm system.

Why prisons use DroneShield

  • enables increased advance warning times for drones that are used by smugglers and other unauthorized persons
  • contributes to comprehensive surveillance of ground and airspace
  • complements existing security systems and can be easily integrated
  • records the data to secure evidence