Critical Infrastructure

There are more and more opportunities for drone operations by enemy actors who want to cause great damage or disruption. Small aircraft can easily be used for espionage and the delivery of explosives to attack critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, gas and electrical facilities, bridges, dams, communications networks and other facilities the destruction of which has a destabilizing effect on public safety.
Drohneshield offers precise real-time drone detection to protect critical infrastructure against attack or espionage.
Authorities use DroneShield to warn of drone activity near critical infrastructure. With the help of a database of acoustic signatures from drone models, DroneShield differentiates RPAS from other sources of noise. The system integrates with existing security systems to ensure immediate Ato ensure that the security forces are alerted.

How DroneShield helps protect critical infrastructure

  • Provides real-time alerts so drone attacks can be repelled quickly
  • Can detect drone overflights that will be used for a future attack
  • Can detect the drone class and approximate location of the drone
  • Alarm data is stored as digital evidence for later legal proceedings