Drones for authorities (rescue workers, police, fire brigade)

Drones are suitable for various purposes at BOS (authorities and organizations with security tasks) such as rescue workers, police and fire brigade. Additional devices such as thermal imaging cameras, high-resolution clear image cameras or headlights are used.

Image 1: BOS copter “TransformerUAV” with ruggedized industrial remote control (source: Copting)


Functional principle BOS

The drone is equipped with thermal imaging cameras or high-resolution, zoomable clear image cameras that record the image data and send it to the ground station. The flight route can be flown manually or under computer control. Current cameras can be controlled from the ground station and readjusted to the respective environmental conditions.

What can the technology do?

Thermal and high-resolution images are excellent tools for locating people, inspecting and monitoring fire sources, structures, industrial plants, animal populations, and much more. Deviations from the target state can be identified and documented with comparatively little effort.

Image 2: Zoom with DJI X30 camera on a license plate (Source: DJI)

What equipment do i need?

What is needed is a drone that can be equipped with the necessary sensors such as clear image cameras and thermal imaging cameras. The evaluation is carried out by viewing the image material or using specific error detection software. The material should be ready for use around the clock in wind and weather. Current technology can only partially meet this requirement. Specific training or an examination are not required, although we recommend setting up and carrying out appropriate processes for training and maintaining the equipment fleet. The correct recording and evaluation of thermal images can also be quite demanding and prior knowledge is recommended in order to achieve meaningful results. Relevant decision criteria when choosing the right drone and software are previous knowledge, objects to be depicted or the type of deviation and the required level of detail.

Industriedrohne DJI M200
Image 3: Industrial drone DJI M200 (Source: DJI)


How can Koller Engineering help?

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