Drones for photo and video

It is well known that drones are ideally suited for aerial photography, video and filming. Devices are used that are easy to control and can safely carry the required camera.

Photo 1: One of the most popular photo drones is the DJI Phantom (Source: DJI)

Functional principle of aerial photography

The drone is flown to the desired position (waypoint), and the camera is aimed at the appropriate section using the remote control and image display. The camera can be controlled and readjusted from the ground station. The photo points (waypoints) can be flown to manually or computer-controlled. For demanding film recordings, in addition to the drone pilot, an additional cameraman is used, who can concentrate on operating the camera.

Photo 2: The DJI Inspire 2 has a 4/3 “sensor with Cinema DNG and Apple ProRes output formats (source: DJI)


What can the technology do?

The bandwidth of the available camera drones is very wide and ranges from snapshot devices to cinema format professional cameras. Many needs can now be covered with off-the-shelf drones, i.e. ready-made drone sets that do not require any special technical knowledge to operate. This has significantly reduced the barriers to entry, and for many photographers / filmmakers the drone has now become another tool in the technology toolbox.

What equipment do i need?

What is needed is a drone on which the desired camera can be attached. Or mostly more practical, a drone that already has this camera built in. Specific training or an exam is not necessary, although some flying experience cannot hurt. Relevant decision-making criteria when choosing the right drone are previous knowledge, the desired camera and transportability of the equipment.

Image 3: Professional device DJI Matrice 600 with RED Scarlett (source: DJI)

How can Koller Engineering help?

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