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So-called drones, copters, quadrocopters and multicopters are all the rage. Most of the aircraft are equipped with a camera with which impressive photos and videos can be taken. But who pays if the drone crashes and damages property or people? In the following article we explain what to look out for and which insurance is mandatory.

The most important regulations in Switzerland

The Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) is responsible for the regulations in Switzerland. It regulates the regulations in the VLK (ordinance on aircraft of special categories).

Liability insurance

With a weight between 0.5 and 30kg is a mandatory Liability insurance to be taken out, which has at least an insured sum of 1 million. Proof of this coverage must be carried with the company. This is written in the DETEC ordinance on aircraft of special categories in Art. 10 so before.

Very few insurance companies offer this protection over the basic cover. Usually a “ Model airplane add-on ” in addition to Personal liability insurance be completed. As a rule, this additional cover costs 30 to 40 francs per year.

Eye contact and crowds

There must always be direct eye contact with the drone. There must be a distance of at least 100 meters from crowds of people (more than two dozen people in a confined space).

The insurance of the drone

Liability insurance only protects you from claims made by a third party due to personal injury or property damage. The drone itself can also be insured against damage or destruction.

Household insurance

A drone is yours Household items just as the bicycle, sofa or cell phone are part of household items.

Basic coverage

In the basic coverage of the household contents insurance, the personal items at home are against Fire- , Elementary- , Water- or Theft damage insured. More extensive coverage can be obtained through the following two additional insurance policies.

simple theft abroad

With the simple theft abroad there is cover against theft outside of your home. If you take the drone with you somewhere and it is stolen, it would be covered by this addition. However, you should check the sum insured and adjust it if the drone has a higher value.

Household contents insurance

The most extensive protection can be achieved with a Household contents insurance . With this cover, the drone is insured against damage. As with theft, a deductible of CHF 200 is generally applied. Before taking out the contract, check in the general contract conditions whether drones are part of the cover and have this confirmed in writing.

Repair the drone

If, despite all precautionary measures, a crash and damage to the drone should occur, these can often be repaired. One provider of such repairs is . For an analysis of the damage, pictures can be sent in advance by e-mail. The damaged drone and spare parts can later be sent in for repair. After the repair, the drone is conveniently sent back to your home after extensive testing.

There is a price list for smaller repairs, larger repairs are limited in amount. So you know in advance exactly what costs you can expect.

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