Flying robot Koller C3

This is how farming works today: The Koller C3 relieves you of tedious routine work. Place the flying robot on its take-off place and select a pre-programmed mission, e.g. “Cornfield”. The Koller C3 takes off and brings you a condition analysis of your field on the screen before breakfast. No remote control is required, just press a button.

The Koller C3 flies up to 30 minutes. The missions are programmed. The copter automatically returns to its starting position. The collected data is transmitted wirelessly to the computer / tablet for further processing. The copter is equipped with the latest safety technology such as an emergency parachute and a redundant control system.

The Koller C3 carries a multispectral camera for the determination of nutrient supply, health status and degree of maturity. With the spray unit, individual sections can be treated with pinpoint accuracy. Feel free to contact us. We will discuss your specific application and make you a non-binding offer. The future is today!

*) According to the applicable CH / D regulations, the pilot must have visual contact with the aircraft at all times

Flying robot Koller C3


How much area can the Koller C3 fly?

30 ha / hour to 120 ha / hour, depending on various factors

Can the Koller C3 also fly over hilly, winding fields?

Yes, the Koller C3 can also fly over hilly and winding fields. With an altitude of 50m to 80m, it also flies over the trees. In addition, the Koller C3 has sonar and lidar (laser measurement) on board to avoid collisions.

How often do I have to fly the field?

The analysis according to NDVI is usually flown weekly. Other values can be collected once, weekly, monthly or annually.

Do I have to program the missions (flight routes) myself?

No. We set up the system and program all missions. If you want, we can train you so that you can create future missions yourself.

Flugroute im Planungstool
Mission in the planning tool
3DAnsicht in Google Earth
Mission in 3D view (Google Earth)

Who controls the copter and the multispectral camera?

You “control” yourself. Call up a pre-programmed mission on the tablet, eg “Cornfield”, and press “Start”. The Koller C3 starts automatically and follows the preprogrammed route. The multispectral camera is controlled by the program. After the mission has been completed, the copter automatically returns to the starting point. You must be within sight of the Koller C3 (law). Press the emergency stop button if you want to abort the flight. The copter lands automatically at the nearest landing possibility. On request, we can do the flying as a service.

How is the data collected?

The images are taken with the multispetral camera Tetracam ADC Lite detected with wavebands green (520–600 nm), red (630–690 nm) and NIR (760–900 nm) similar to TM2, TM3 and TM4.

How is the data evaluated?

The image information is evaluated in PixelWrench2 to NDVI (normalized differentiated vegetation index). For stitching together the images into an orthophoto Agisoft or alternatively the Swiss product Pix4D used.

NDVI Aufnahme (c) Tetracam Inc.
Evaluation of the recordings according to NDVI (c) Tetracam Inc.

What if the analysis according to NDVI is not enough for me?

Different plant species reflect specific signatures for conditions such as lack of water and lack of nutrients. If specific signatures are to be examined, the Tetracam MCA is used, which can record up to 12 channels in the wave range 450 nm – 1050 nm.

Do I have to operate the evaluation software myself?

Yes, the evaluations follow a simple process that you can operate yourself. On request, we can do the evaluation as a service.

Can I do the following: check the vitality of plants, check for plant diseases, detect incorrect fertilization, pest control, increase the efficiency of irrigation, detect neophytes?

Basically yes, if the signature is known, which reflects the plant for the desired condition.

The Koller C3 can be equipped with a spray unit with which infested parcels can be treated. Due to the limited payload, the copter may not be profitable for spray applications.

What hardware is used?

Multispectral camera: Tetracam ADC or MCA. Frame: Tarot X8. Flight controller: Pixhawk . Sensors: GPS, LIDAR, Sonar, Optical Flow. Transmission: 2.4GHz, WiFi. Engines and propellers: T-engine. Batteries: Swaytronic LiPo up to 40,000 mAh. Gimbal: 2D.