Flying robot Koller C5

The Koller C5 is used to examine buildings, industrial plants and electrical installations. A high-performance thermal imaging camera transmits live images to the ground station. Hot sports and other thermal effects are easy to see. The Koller C5 can be flown manually or under computer control.

Industrial site
storage hall


Who controls the copter and the thermal imaging camera?

Usually a pilot and a cameraman. The pilot is provided or trained by us. The cameraman controls the alignment of the thermal imaging camera. The copter can also be flown with a computer.

How is the data collected?

The images are captured with the FLIR thermal imaging camera. The image is transmitted live to the ground station and can be recorded.

How is the data evaluated?

The user evaluates the image information in real time on the screen.


What hardware is used?

Thermal imaging camera FLIR. Copter: Zero UAV E1100. Sensors: GPS, LIDAR, Sonar, Optical Flow. Transmission: 2.4GHz, WiFi. Engines and propellers: T-engine. Batteries: Swaytronic LiPo up to 22,000 mAh. Gimbal: 3D.