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Rosendahl Industrial Services: Your production facility in Romania – closer than you thought!

Currently: Laser cutting up to 15 mm (1500 x 3000) on our Trumatic

Have it produced inexpensively

Rosendahl Industrial Services (RIS) is a manufacturing plant with 130 employees in Satu Mare, Romania. RIS is an independent subsidiary of the Austrian Knill Group. RIS manufactures machines and components for the Knill Group and third-party customers. The plant was taken over by the Knill Group in 2004 and built and expanded according to Western standards.

RIS is managed according to western principles and standards.

The factory area covers 29,500m2, of which 5,600m2 is a production area and 23,900m2 is outdoor area. Well-trained and experienced employees work according to western principles and standards. The factory is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Specialized in welded constructions with mechanical processing and assembly

The scope of services includes flame and plasma cutting, welding, mechanical processing, annealing, surface treatments such as sandblasting and painting, switch cabinet construction, the assembly of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components, and final assembly and commissioning.

The production is based on drawings and includes assembly, testing and commissioning instructions. Attachments are provided by the customer or procured according to the parts list.

CNC machining center KP-6000AR Zayer, Heidenhain 430 M, 6000 x 2500 mm

The management and senior staff speak German.

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