Learn to fly drones webinar – with Koller

A humorous webinar with serious information for the responsible drone pilot

The only webinar you really need to fly a drone safely … without worrying about it.

1 – First sense of achievement

How to quickly and easily dismantle my drone into its components … without removing a screw

2 – Prepare the drone

How to prepare my drone for a flight that will burn itself into my memory … and nothing to do with it

3 – start the drone

How I take off into the stratosphere with my drone … and become a YouTube star in the process

4 – The flight

How I document everything with videos and photos … and make new friends in the neighborhood

5 – land the drone

How to catch my drone by hand … and meet the best hand surgeon in town

6 – Follow-up

How I quickly supply my drone … and don’t even have to think about it

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