Multicopter Video 8/1050

The Video 8/1050 is a high-end flying robot for professional use, e.g. 4K photo / video and inspection flights.

Video 8/1050 (sample image)

The Video 8/1050 is characterized by its performance and flexibility. The copter can be equipped with almost any photo, video or thermal imaging camera. Several different camera systems are also possible.

The flying robot transmits image, sound and telemetry data (position, location, battery voltage, etc.) to the ground station via WiFi module. A standard Android tablet or smartphone or a PC is suitable as a ground station. The required software (app) is included in the scope of delivery. The WiFi signal has a range of 200 to 500 m. A Datalink 5.8GHz is optionally available for ranges up to 5 km. The flying robot is suitable for FPV.

Technical specifications

  • Frame Diagonal Wheelbase: 1050 cm Center Frame Diameter: 28.5 cm Frame Weight: 4.1 kg Landing Gear Size: 45 cm (L) × 57.5 cm (W) × 40 cm (H)
  • Flying Performance Max Takeoff Weight: 15 kg, Recommended battery: 6s 10A 25C or higher
  • Motor (8x) Type: T-Motor 4014 Max Power: 900 W KV: 400 Weight: 150 g
  • ESC (8x) Type: Simon K 45A Voltage: 2s – 6s Drive PWM Frequency: 400 MHz
  • Propeller (8x) Size: 12 inch Material: Carbon Weight: 18 g
  • Gimbal Camera supported: Various up to 2.5 kg


Ready-to-fly system with
Video 8/1050
Tablet / RC, battery, charger
Extensive accessories and spare parts
without cameras

from CHF 12,800.00

Commissioning and training


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