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Koller Engineering is the official importer and service center of the original NetGun net gun for Europe.

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With the NetGun, animal welfare associations catch various animal species gently and without anesthetics. Security services use it to intercept drones.

The NetGun net cannon catches dogs, cats and birds, but also drones. The safety net is fired from commercially available CO2 cartridges using compressed air. The range is approx. 20m. There are no flames or toxic gases. The net is being used again. Because of the low projectile energy, the NetGun does not fall under the EU (and Swiss) weapons law. The NetGun is quickly reloaded thanks to 4 network heads.

Fig .: NetGun with CO2 cartridges

Intended use

  • Catch runaway or wild dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Catching cats
  • Catching rodents: rabbits, martens, etc.
  • Capture birds of all types and sizes
  • Interception of drones (the propellers get tangled in the net, the drone can no longer start or it crashes)

Linen material and mesh size


The standard material for the safety net lines is nylon (polyamide), as it is elastic and inexpensive. The risk of injury to animals is low. Since nylon is sensitive to pressure, rodents can bite their way. Likewise, the tensile strength may not be sufficient for very strong animals.


For rodents and strong animals, lines made of Dyneema (UHMW-PE) are used, which are up to 5 times more tear-resistant than nylon and insensitive to pressure. The disadvantage of Dyneema is the lack of elasticity, the captured animals are more likely to get injured.

Mesh size

Cats and medium-sized dogs are caught with a mesh size of 100mm, rabbits, rodents, pigeons etc. with a mesh size of 50mm and small animals such as sparrows with a mesh size of 30mm. The mesh size 200mm is suitable for larger dogs etc. The mesh size should not be smaller than necessary, as a net with a smaller mesh size flies less because of the greater air resistance.


  • Animal welfare associations
  • Hunters / gamekeepers / game warden
  • Farmers
  • Animal shelters
  • Dog catcher / exterminator
  • Security services

Application videos


  • Maximum firing range: approx. 20 m
  • Operating temperature: –60 to +70 ° C
  • Material: shaft aluminum, mesh head ABS
  • Propellant charge: 16g CO2 cartridge
  • Length: 318.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.17 kg
  • Mesh area: 4m x 4m, 16 m2
  • Linen made of nylon, optionally Dyneema
  • Mesh size MW: 30, 50, 100 or 200mm


Do I need a permit / gun license for the NetGun?

No, the NetGun cannot be confused with a weapon and the muzzle energy is below the limit of 7.5 joules for compressed air / CO2 weapons, so the NetGun is not a weapon under the Weapons Act.

Can I reuse the components?

Yes, all components are reusable after a shot, only the CO2 cartridge has to be replaced.

Can I also catch animals with the NetGun?

Yes, we deliver nets in various mesh sizes and tensile strengths, which are also suitable for small to medium-sized animals, e.g. birds, cats or dogs.

Can the captured animals injure themselves?

The net catching method is one of the gentlest animal catching methods. The net weights are padded with a rubber cap. If an animal is accidentally hit with a net weight, the impact force is roughly comparable to that of a paintball ball. If the animal defends you violently, there is a possibility that the net lines can cut.

How long do I need to reload?

Reloading takes about 20 to 30 seconds: If you miss the target, replace the used CO2 cartridge and put on a new network head.

Where can I buy CO2 cartridges?

At Koller, in hardware stores or on the Internet, the cartridges are sold under the name “threadless 16g CO2 cartridges”.

How do I intercept a drone?

Drones can be hit well at a distance of around 20m. The propellers instantly get tangled in the net and the drone falls to the ground. Drones standing on the ground can be prevented from continuing their flight with the network.

Who needs a NetGun?

Animal welfare organizations, animal shelters and gamekeepers, but also security forces and prisons use the NetGun.

I also find providers from Asia on the Internet, are they trustworthy?

Warning: NetGuns on Ebay and other platforms that are offered from Asia are not original and without CE certification. We do not recommend buying.

Where can I buy the NetGun?

Buy the NetGun in our Shop . Do you need a written offer? Contact


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