New electronics and software services

Koller Engineering, together with its partner Ionxs SA, offers electronics and software services that are used on special copters. Our technologies are used, among other things, to encrypt data communication between the copter and ground station, for on-board data evaluation and for data transmission over long distances.

Technologies offered

  • ARM® and proprietary microcontrollers
  • Native implementation of software functions, including communication (e.g. UART, USB, LAN), encryption (e.g. AES) and secure software update
  • ULP (ultra-low power) systems, battery operated
  • Highly efficient power circuits, heat sink-free solutions for DC / DC converters and motor drives
  • Power LED on conventional circuit board or aluminum substrate
  • Analog and precise (e.g. measurement) circuits
  • Combining high-performance systems in active operation and extremely low idle power
  • Weight reduction and miniaturization using BGA, LGA, HDI and SMD 0201 for mass production
  • Solutions without additional housing
  • Improvement of ESD specifications (usually 30 kV), EMC, shock, impact resistance, vibrations and extended temperature ranges
  • Customized connections, contact and connection systems
  • Hardware and software measures against reverse engineering and manipulation
  • Production test systems with individual part traceability


  • Analysis and advice on all aspects of the product concept, architecture and technical solutions including costs, the environment, assembly, production, testing and certification
  • Analysis and assessment of project, product failure and safety risks, measures to reduce these
  • Creation of demonstrators (“proof of concept”) and prototypes
  • Creation of production documentation, prototype batches
  • Specification compliance testing and design validation
  • Design and validation review documentation, including compliance issues
  • Advice and support with certification (e.g. CE)
  • Production setup support, turnkey solutions
LGA Land Grid Array

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