New thermal imaging camera FLIR Vue PRO

FLIR presents the new FLIR Vue PRO thermal imaging camera. The Vue PRO completes the top of the Vue product line and offers new features that professional users should not be without.

Abb.: Wärmebildkamera FLIR Vue PRO für Drohnen
Fig .: FLIR Vue PRO thermal imaging camera for drones

The Vue PRO has these additional features compared to its smaller sister FLIR Vue:

  • On-board recording: It is now possible to save recordings in the highest quality on the camera. Quality losses due to previous compression and transmission are a thing of the past. This is very helpful for the subsequent image evaluation and documentation. The Vue PRO supports the following formats: 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 and 14-bit photo recording.
  • MAVLink compatibility: The FLIR Vue can be controlled with PWM commands via the MAVLink, so color palettes, start / stop and e-zoom can be controlled via the remote control.


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Product video:

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