New: TransformerUAV – the flexible UAV platform

New in the Koller range

TransformerUAV – the flexible UAV platform

Conventional frame and structure concepts are mostly characterized by a fixed structure, little flexibility in the needs-based and application-related design, limited space in the central area, increased maintenance costs and hardly any expansion options.

Due to the great variety of possible uses, flight systems are required to the same extent that can cover this variety as completely as possible. In order to be able to realize this, innovative framework concepts are required. For this reason we developed the TransformerUAV.

Maximum flexibility for a wide variety of designs, conversions in the shortest possible time, expandable at any time – a real transformer. Flexible configuration options save you the purchase of different flight systems.

The central element offers a lot of space for the flight electronics, further components such as transmitters, onboard computers and much more can be placed safely and weatherproof. The entire system consists of carbon and aluminum, is extremely stiff, no vibrations. Removable, quickly exchangeable arms offer maximum flexibility.

The batteries are securely attached and locked on interchangeable slides. The booms are changed quickly, easily, safely and without wear. And should a motor need to be changed during an operation, simply swap the boom and continue flying.

You can use a standard mount for your loads such as gimbals, sensor platforms and much more, or you can use our cargo system for quick changes. The cargo system is a load carrier and landing gear in one. The central element is attached to this quickly and securely.

With our transformer you are for the first time able to fly different flight configurations (Quadro, Hexa, X8, Y6, …) for different flight requirements and loads with one flight controller.

There is no need to purchase different flight systems for different applications.

You get a system that adapts to your requirements. It grows with your requirements. No multiple investments, very easy to maintain.

We can provide you with our TransformerUAV as a ready-to-fly, very powerful system. If you would like to continue using your current flight electronics and want to benefit from the advantages of the TransformerUAV, you can of course purchase the TransformerUAV without electronics. We are happy to assist you with the transfer of the components.

We are happy to provide you with further information and your options.



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