On a drone hunt with the safety net



Press release NetGun Copter

Nottwil / Switzerland, July 22, 2015. The company Koller Engineering, a drone service provider based in Nottwil / Switzerland, has developed a drone called NetGun Copter that can eject a safety net. For the first time it is possible to intercept enemy drones while they are still in the air. In addition to the flight platform, the system includes a net cannon which is attached to a cardanic suspension. The safety net measures 4m x 4m and has a range of 20 meters. The NetGun Copter is ready to go from stand-by mode within a few seconds. The flight platform is controlled by remote control in the vicinity of the target object. The net cannon is aimed at the target object and triggered with the joystick and live image. The target object gets tangled in the net and falls to the ground. Due to the comparatively low energy of the CO2 propellant charge, the net cannon does not fall under the Weapons Act and can therefore be used freely. The control of the NetGun Copter is easy to learn, training blocks can be booked from Koller Engineering. The NetGun Copter is now available from Koller Engineering.

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