FLARM Aurora UAS transmitter

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FLARM Aurora UAS transmitter

Compact FLARM and RemoteID beacon for drones

  • Aurora transmits the altitude, position and type of aircraft to manned aircraft equipped with FLARM
  • Reduces the risk of collisions between drone and manned aircraft
  • Suitable for multicopters and other UAVs which can transport at least 65 g payload
  • Can be powered via USB-C (5 V DC) or JST-GH plug (5 – 28 V DC)
  • Web app for configuration and diagnostics
  • Operating power consumption: 1.4 W, transmit power: 25 mW, transmit frequency: 868 MHz

In just a few years, civilian drones have established themselves as powerful tools in industry, protection and rescue and other, primarily commercial applications. In aviation, such drones are referred to as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). These remote-controlled aircraft share ground-level airspace with manned aviation, which entails risks. The new FLARM Aurora system is a very lightweight transmitter in a compact housing. Among other things, Aurora transmits the altitude, position and type of aircraft. This information can be received by more than 60,000 manned aircraft equipped with FLARM. This enables the pilot of the manned aircraft to detect the UAS from a great distance and to adapt his flight path so that there is no dangerous approach. This does not change the fallback rule: The drone operator is still obliged to avoid the manned aircraft.

Due to the low weight of the transmitter, it can be carried by all drones which can move a payload of 65 grams (incl. USB cable and antenna). The power supply can be supplied either via a battery (5 – 28 V DC with JST-GH plug) or via USB-C (5 V DC), from the drone. The supply via the drone has the advantage that the transmitter only transmits its position when the drone is switched on. In addition, no additional battery needs to be carried. In addition to FLARM, Aurora also integrates a transmitter for direct-broadcast remote ID signals according to the international ASTM F3411-9 and ASD-STAN prEN 4709-002 standards. Aurora complies with the relevant EN/ETSI standards.

Quantity: 1 pcs
Brand: Flarm
Quality: Original, new
Compatibility: DJI Enterprise
Status: JIT

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