NetGun Replacement Network

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  • Replacement network for Netgun
  • Available in nylon or Dyneema
  • Available in mesh sizes 30mm, 50mm, 100mm and 200mm
  • without net weights

Linen material and mesh size

The standard material for the safety net lines is nylon (polyamide), as it is elastic and inexpensive. The risk of injury to animals is very low. However, since nylon is sensitive to pressure, rodents can bite freely. Likewise, the tensile strength may not be sufficient for very strong animals. In these cases, lines made of Dyneema (UHMW-PE) are used, which are up to 5x more tear-resistant and pressure-resistant. The disadvantage of Dyneema is the lack of elasticity, the trapped animals are more likely to injure themselves.

Cats and medium-sized dogs are caught with mesh size 100mm, rabbits, rodents, pigeons etc. with mesh size 50mm and small animals such as sparrows with mesh size 30mm. The mesh size 200mm is for larger dogs etc. suitable. The mesh size should not be smaller than necessary, as a net with a small mesh size flies less far due to the greater air resistance.


Mesh sizeLinen material nylon (standard)Linen material Dyneema (for rodents and strong animals)
30mmSparrowsnot available
50mmPigeons, small rabbits (most commonly used net version)Marten
100mmCats, dogs, swansBoars
200mmBig dogs, deerBig boars

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Additional information

Linen material

nylon, Dyneema

Mesh size

30mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm