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Pix4Dmapper is the classic photogrammetry software for the powerful desktop. The wide range of functions has always set the industry standard and leaves little to be desired. Pix4Dmapper can work with Pix4Dcloud can be expanded to include cloud functionalities.

With Pix4Dmapper objects can be recorded, georeferenced and distances, areas and volumes can be evaluated.

The package includes the Pix4D Capture app, which controls the drone flight fully automatically.

List of compatible drones (drone not included):

Application examples:

Range of functions

Desktop processing 2,500 images, 20 projects
Cloud processing no
Orthomosaic .tif (GeoTiff), .kml yes
DSM / DEM .tif (GeoTiff), .xyz, las yes
DTM .tif (GeoTiff) yes
3D point cloud * las, .laz, .ply, .xyz yes
3D textured mesh .fbx, .obj plus .ply, .dxf, .pdf, .osgb, .slpk
Thermal maps .tif (GeoTiff), .shp yes
Reflectance map * .tif (GeoTiff) yes
2D vector output yes
Flythrough video .mpeg2, .mpeg4 yes
Distance and area measurments yes
Volume measurements yes
Ground control points yes
Point cloud classification yes
Elevation profile yes
Annotations yes
Personal email yes
Community yes

Product video

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