Skyport V2



DJI Enterprise Skyport V2

Adapter for integrating individual payloads on your drone

  • Allows developers to integrate their own payloads
  • Standard adapter for communication between payload and drone
  • HV mode supports increasing the power provided to the payloads

Payload SDK

DJI’s PSDK policy is to encourage developers to invent and develop payloads by providing low-cost development access. The PSDK is free for developers to develop the payload. All you need to do is purchase one of the two hardware platforms, X-Port or Skyport V2, depending on your development plan, and then register on the DJI Developer site and download PSDK V2 for free.

Quantity: 1 pcs
Brand: DJI
Quality: Original, new
Compatibility: DJI Enterprise
Status: JIT

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