Photography & film production

Photography, video, film and TV

Powerful drone for large and heavy cameras
Drone for special cameras

Inspection & documentation

Thermography, system inspection and building inspection


freefly alta
Overhead camera drone for bridge inspections
Matrice 600
Flexible system for various camera systems and thermography
Matrice 100
Standard system with extended interface functions

Detection & Security

Search, rescue, fire site inspection, damage documentation and wildlife protection

Inspire 1 with Zenmuse XT (a)
Modified standard drone with thermal imaging camera
Copter with increased safety margin due to redundant control system and emergency screen


scheinwerfer v2 I
DroneLight high-performance LED floodlight for drones
Drone for surveillance tasks, controlled via a software interface

Mapping & surveying

Cartography, orthophotos, 3D terrain models and georeferenced aerial images

Drone for long flight times> 50min
RTK Solutions for high-precision positioning

Monitoring & analysis

Progress monitoring, maintenance analysis and environmental and vegetation monitoring

Drone with multispectral sensors and thermographic cameras