Protection of important people

Well-known personalities, company executives, dignitaries and other people with safety concerns use DroneShield to detect drones in good time and receive a warning. DroneShield can efficiently distinguish drones and other aircraft from ambient noise and alarms with high sensitivity and low false alarm rates. As a fixed installation or mobile device at events, DroneShield enables comprehensive property and environmental protection and can be easily integrated into existing concepts and systems. DroneShield alerts you immediately via SMS, email or your existing alarm system and thus enables a quick and effective reaction.
DroneShield offers complete protection against drone activities that threaten personal safety, privacy and property.
How DroneShield helps protect personalities:
  • Can be used to protect personal safety, privacy and property
  • Monitors the airspace and the perimeter, and thus offers more comprehensive protection than cameras, gates or walls alone.
  • The early alert prevents the moment of surprise, which paparazzi, for example, like to use.
  • SMS and email alarms can inform the security personnel and can be coordinated with the response plan
  • The alarm data are recorded and are available for later evaluation or preservation of evidence