RfPatrol is a versatile, portable drone detection device. The device provides the user with situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. RfPatrol was designed to be extremely effective for a wide variety of operators in a number of demanding environments.

The RfPatrol can operate in two modes, “Stealth” and “Glimpse”, so that the user can control how they receive warning messages.

The device is powered by DroneShield Link, which enables operators to keep their device database up to date with the changing threat environment.

Benefits of RfPatrol

  • Effective coverage: Detects a variety of drones and remote controls up to 1 km (LoS)
  • Operational Effective: Multiple power and mounting options provide flexibility for the user (SWaP focus)
  • Easy to Use: Minimal technical training to operate, extremely portable design
  • Passive device: No intentional RF emissions and no decryption of radio protocols for quiet and safe operation
  • Additional frequency ranges: Additional hardware and software upgrade path to expand capacity
  • DroneShield Advanced Technology: Device with the latest SDR scanning technology from DroneShield
  • Larger image: data feed output to the battle management system (customized as required)
  • Protected: device and accessories are delivered in a robust case.

RfPatrol Specifications
Detection area:> 1 km line of sight, omnidirectional
Unit weight: 710 g
User feedback: visual, haptic, audible
Dimensions: 201 mm x 98 mm x 64 mm (without antenna and attachable battery)
Technology: Software Defined Radio
Detection time:< 5 seconds (known frequencies)
Detects: drone video & control links
Color: matt black / desert

Operating temperature: 0º to + 50º C

Battery specifications (AN / PRC 152)
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with quick release, rechargeable, NATO standard
Nominal battery voltage: 10.8VDC
Battery weight: 380 g
Battery dimensions: 71mm x 41mm x 86mm
Operating time: 10 hours + (continuous operation)
Passport charger available for extended use
Operating temperature: -30ºC to + 60ºC (-22ºF to + 140ºF)

12 months from the date of shipment

shipped in a robust carrying case (IP67)
Carrying case dimensions: 525mm x 430mm x 215mm
HS code: 85269130

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