SUI-9998: HighOne receives FOCA approval

RPAS HighOne von Koller Engineering has received a permit from the Federal Office for Civil Aviation FOCA to operate closer than 100m from crowds. The permit is tied to a number of conditions, including suitable flying weather. The flights were carried out on the occasion of a customer presentation to demonstrate the performance of DroneShield to demonstrate. The approval was granted by the FOCA within a few days, as we opted for the simplified procedure in which the aircraft must be kept on a leash.

Koller Engineering stand photographed by the flying robot
SUI-9998 Beschriftung
SUI-9998 lettering on the HighOne
Bewilligung des Bundesamtes für Zivilluftfahrt BAZL
Authorization from the Federal Office for Civil Aviation FOCA
HighOne industrial drone
HighOne industrial drone