Swaytronic Iced Power

Swaytronic launches the LiPo battery for cold winter days under the brand name “Iced Power”. Every RC pilot knows the difficulties of lithium polymer batteries in the cold season. Cold temperature performance is just as problematic as storage and transportation – normal LiPo batteries cannot tolerate low temperatures. The widely used lithium polymer battery technology is designed for a temperature range of + 10 ° to approx. + 65 ° C, with maximum performance being reached at approx. 20 ° -25 ° C. With the “Iced Power” line from Swaytronic, this limitation is a thing of the past. We use a special manufacturing process to shift the functional temperature to a unique low level. By means of a special manufacturing process and the additives it contains, we enable one Operating temperature from -20 ° C – + 40 ° C . At a temperature of -20 ° C, we achieve an output of 100%, i.e. the specified current strength / discharge rate in C. The “Iced Power” LiPo develops its strengths from + 10 ° C and below and provides higher performance than normal LiPo technology.

Swaytronic Iced Power Series

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