Use at Altenrhein Airport

Use of DroneShield at Altenrhein Airport

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce the deployment of its multi-sensor C-UAS DroneSentry ™ system at Altenrhein Airport, Switzerland.

The installation consists of the following DroneShield solutions:

Multiple RfOne ™ units capable of real-time detection, identification and tracking of individual UAVs or swarms of UAS within the world’s leading range of 8 km, as well as displaying the location of the UAS pilot

DroneOpt ™ optical verification systems using DroneShield’s proprietary DroneOptID ™ AI-based software with the ability to identify and track UAS and their payload.

DroneSentry-C2 ™ User Interface (“C2”), an intuitive control interface that is capable of displaying incoming UAS in real time and that provides comprehensive reporting that provides a high level of functionality.

The system is completely passive (no emissions) and does not interfere with other devices, making it well suited for the airport environment.

Oleg Vornik, CEO of DroneShield, comments:
“Airports have experienced significant disruptions in their facilities due to UAS flights. Small UAS pose several well-documented hazards to commercial aircraft, including a critical risk of engine damage if the UAS and its lithium batteries were to come into contact with them or crack the windshield upon impact. “

Timo Nielsen, Security and Compliance Manager at Altenrhein Airport, comments:
“We are excited to partner with DroneShield as the global leader in the C-UAS area for operations at our airport, so that we can gain actionable awareness of UAS activities in our airspace. As a future-oriented airport, we welcome visits from other airports in Europe and elsewhere around the world to learn more about the system in use and to see it at an operational airport. “

Image: DroneSentry-C2 ™ Dashboard is provided and operated at the tower of Altenrhein Airport
Image: Altenrhein Airport

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