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Choose from a full range of products for drone detection and defense for stationary and mobile use.

Droneshield Airport Altenrhein
DroneSentry-C2 ™ in use at Altenrhein Airport (CH) more…




DroneSentry C2



New posts

  • RadarZero
    DroneShield launches revolutionary compact radar: RadarZero DroneShield launches a revolutionary, compact, portable and mobile radar – RadarZero. A paperback-sized radar. Complements the existing larger and longer RadarOne module / product. … Read more
  • New: DroneGun Tactical
    The DroneShield DroneGun Tactical is a jammer that interrupts the communication and flight of drones by jamming. The device is light and mobile. DroneGun Tactical Technical Data Voltage: 14.8VDC Effective … Read more
  • Radio interview with Peter James (ENG)
    The Chairman of DroneShield explains what can be done to protect the nation from illegal drones: https://www.2gb.com/podcast/aussie-business-fighting-drones/
  • Research project examines the use of drones in Switzerland
    Koller Engineering was allowed to contribute to the content of the study “Professional use of drones in Switzerland”. That of the University of Neuchâtel The coordinated project “Power and Space … Read more
  • New: DroneShield DroneSentinal multisensor drone detection and defense
    DroneSentry integrates sensors and countermeasures from DroneShield in a uniform platform that can be used in permanent or temporary installations. With the RadarOne radar, the WideAlert acoustic sensors, the RFOne … Read more
DroneGun MKIII drone defense


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