C-UAS Counter Drone Services

Koller Engineering offers comprehensive consulting and services in the field of drone defense. With Droneshield, we also have a complete range of proven products from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of counter drone equipment.

Multi-sensor approach for a wide range of requirement profiles

Droneshield products have already proven themselves in a variety of customers and projects. The sensor network with proprietary multi-sensor detection technology reliably detects drones in monitored airspace and prevents drones from entering sensitive areas.

DroneSentry-C2™ at Altenrhein Airport (CH)

Drone detection with multi-sensor approach

DroneShield uses a multi-sensor approach to detect, locate and identify incoming drones.  Multisensor analysis makes it possible to detect drones with high accuracy.

  • Radio frequency sensors detect and verify drone and pilot via their emitted signals
  • Radar sensors detect and locate drones using radar beams
  • Highly sensitive cameras enable detection and visual confirmation day and night.

Fixed installations with multi-sensor approach

Portable drone detection

RfPatrol is a portable drone detection device. The device detects drones in the vicinity and warns the wearer immediately. Together with the radio jammer DroneGun, a complete unit of mobile detection & defense is available.

RfPatrol Handheld Scanner

Measures for drone defense

With DroneCannon and DroneGun, DroneShield offers safe and highly effective countermeasures for stationary and mobile use. DrohneShield countermeasures enable the controlled management of drone payloads such as explosives and contraband.

DroneGun MkIII

  • 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz jammers to interrupt control and audio/video signals
  • 433Mhz and 915 MHz jammers for interrupting control signals
  • GNSS L2 & L1 jammers to interrupt satellite navigation

DroneShield anti-drone defense is suitable for the protection of:

  • Correctional
  • Airports
  • Events
  • Commercial
  • Production
  • Football stadiums or training centres
  • Data Center
  • Test site
  • Industrial site
  • Oil Platforms
  • Concerts
  • Public buildings
  • Police stations

SentryX Scanning & Jamming

Droneshield anti-drone technology can be handheld, installed on vehicles, used as a temporary installation or fixed-mounted.

Mission at WEF Davos

C2 Command & Control User Interface

Droneshield integrates with existing systems and uses a variety of methods such as SMS, email or existing video or event management systems.  DroneShield easily integrates with your existing security system.

Droneshield includes a browser-based visual interface that provides an overview of all activities.

Product Video C2

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