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DroneSentry-C2 includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that compiles and analyzes large amounts of environmental data to display it seamlessly and effectively to the user. This significantly reduces response and response times.

The graphical user interface takes advantage of the individual detection technologies and provides the user with an optimal early warning system.

By remotely accessing DroneShield products, you can check status, configure your system settings, monitor threat levels, and respond in real time. The handy browser-based monitoring application allows you to view and control your DroneShield detection and response activities from anywhere.

Benefits of DroneSentry-C2

Scalable and flexible

The platform is designed to scale horizontally and vertically, on-premises, or in an AWS cloud. The platform can be used for single multi-sensor sites or multiple multi-sensor nodes working together.

Immediate evidence gathering

The platform displays live drone activity and informs the user about the environment as well as built-in tools for detailed and accurate reporting.


Can be accessed and configured remotely from a web browser, wherever there is an Internet connection, or as a standalone desktop application. Air-gapped solutions are also available. Alerts are configured via the GUI to be sent remotely, via SMS, or email.


The RESTful API enables easy integration into existing security systems.

Features of DroneSentry C2

Manage the site from anywhere

Secure cloud-based processing allows operators to access their websites from anywhere, anytime.
Hardware solutions on site or with air gap are also available.

Live Monitoring Dashboard

Through the live dashboard, operators can instantly observe and understand drone activity on their site. Huge amounts of environmental data are processed and distributed to the operator in an easy-to-understand form only when needed, allowing the operator to make critical and rapid decisions.

Geofencing Control Zones

In DroneSentry-C2, detection, interruption and exclusion zones can be set up, allowing the user to specify precise protection of their facility.

Analytics & detailed evidence collection

Drone intrusion statistics and logs are displayed in an easy-to-read format and can be exported for external use. Drone manufacturer, location, duration and MAC address are displayed to give the user a clear insight into drone activity in their airspace.

User and team management

Manage your team members, notifications, permissions, and activities with DroneShield’s built-in user management system.

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