DroneShield fügt Langstreckenradar hinzu und erweitert Testgelände.

DroneShield integriert Langstreckenradare RADA RPS-82 in sein Flaggschiff-Multisensorsystem, DroneSentry, um über eine Langstreckenradarfähigkeit zu verfügen. Gleichzeitig erweitert das Unternehmen seine Testeinrichtung in den Blue Mountains und erweitert seine Forschungs- und Testmöglichkeiten. DroneShield (DroneShield oder das Unternehmen) freut sich, die Integration der Langstreckenradarfähigkeiten RADA RPS-82 in sein Flaggschiff-System DroneSentry bekannt zu geben, um anspruchsvollsten Kundenanforderungen im … Read more

DroneShield veröffentlicht DroneSentry-X Mk2 für Multi-Missions-Counter-UAS-Anwendungen

DroneSentry-X Mk2 stellt eine neue Generation von Counter-Drohnen-/Counter-UAS-Lösungen dar Fortgeschrittene KI/ML-Technologie zur Erkennung und Bekämpfung von Drohnen auf vollständig softwaredefinierter Basis Vollständig kompatibel mit einer breiten Palette von Einsatz- und Integrationsanwendungsfällen DroneShield freut sich, den DroneSentry-X Mk2 (“DroneSentry-X”) zu veröffentlichen, eine Multi-Missions-Gegen-UAS-Lösung für mobile und expeditionäre Feststandorte. Der DroneSentry-X unterstützt die passive Erkennung, Identifizierung und … Read more

Launch of SensorFusionAI

Die Firma DroneShield freut sich, die Einführung von SensorFusionAI (SFAI) bekannt zu geben, eine sensorunabhängige 3D-Datenfusions-Engine für komplexe Umgebungen. Derzeit wird SFAI als Modul in DroneSentry-C2, dem Command-and-Control-System von DroneShield, eingesetzt. Mit dieser Einführung wird SFAI zu einem eigenständigen Modul, das in Drittanbieter-C2-Systeme auf SaaS-Basis integriert werden kann und intelligente Fusionsfähigkeiten aus verschiedenen Sensorsystemen bietet. … Read more

$1.8 million U.S. Department of Defense Contract

DroneShield is pleased to advise that it has received an $1.8 million contract for its DroneGun MKIII handheld counterdrone system from the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Delivery will be completed this month, with full payment due to be received in the current quarter. Image: DroneGun MKIII systems prepared for shipment at DroneShield’s Virginia … Read more

Launch of Regional NSW Testing Facility

DroneShield is pleased to advise that it has launched a dedicated testing facility in regional New South Wales. The facility will significantly streamline the testing and release of advanced drone detection technologies in development by the Company. Image: DroneSentry system at DroneShield test site facility in regional NSW This is DroneShield’s first dedicated testing facility … Read more

Portable drone detection device

Book a demonstration now: Contact RfPatrol is a highly versatile, fully passive/non-emitting portable UAS detection device. The device provides the user with true situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. The RfPatrol device automatically detects drones moving around the environment. The RfPatrol can be operated in two modes, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Glimpse’ , allowing the user … Read more

DroneLight high-performance LED floodlight for drones

DroneLight High Power LED Koller Engineering presents DroneLight, the world’s brightest LED for drones. DroneLight turns the multicopter into a flying floodlight mast. DroneLight is ideal for nocturnal photo and video recordings, search and rescue tasks and the illumination of event locations or accident sites. DroneLight is compatible with drones from DJI, Mikrokopter, Pixhawk and … Read more

c-UxS protection for ships and docks

DroneShield offers a complete c-UxS solution for ships and ship docks. Thanks to the multi-sensor fusion, the operators are informed of potential threats, and multi-level defense options are available to counter detected threats. Industry-leading sensors detect, identify, and track air or subsea systems and return live data to a command-and-control interface.

Drones for surveying

Drones are suitable for measuring and surveying objects, e.g. roofs, facades, properties, fields and volume calculations of piles of bulk material or embankments. In addition, a technology is used that has made enormous progress in recent years: photogrammetry. How photogrammetry works With photogrammetry, a building, parcel or other object is photographed from different angles. These … Read more

Drone defense

Drone detection and defense is technologically demanding and currently subject to short development cycles. The following steps describe a multi-stage process that has proven to be a suitable measure in practice. Detect the drone Drones require special procedures in order to be detected at all. In practice, sensor combinations with radio frequency and radar sensors, … Read more


DroneShield launches revolutionary compact radar: RadarZero DroneShield launches a revolutionary, compact, portable and mobile radar – RadarZero. A paperback-sized radar. Complements the existing larger and longer RadarOne module / product. A stand-alone product as well as a module in the DroneSentinel / DroneSentry multi-sensor system. DroneShield Ltd is proud to announce the launch of RadarZero, … Read more

New: DroneGun Tactical

The DroneShield DroneGun Tactical is a jammer that interrupts the communication and flight of drones by jamming. The device is light and mobile. DroneGun Tactical Technical Data Voltage: 14.8VDC Effective range: up to 1km Weight: 6.8kg (including 2 x batteries) Frequencies: 433 MHz (433.05 ~ 434.79 MHz) 915 MHz (option 1 – 902 ~ 928 … Read more

Research project examines the use of drones in Switzerland

Koller Engineering was allowed to contribute to the content of the study “Professional use of drones in Switzerland”. That of the University of Neuchâtel The coordinated project “Power and Space in the Drone Age” is tackling this topic for the first time on this scale. The Swiss National Science Foundation supports the project. Working paper … Read more

New: DroneShield DroneSentinal multisensor drone detection and defense

DroneSentry integrates sensors and countermeasures from DroneShield in a uniform platform that can be used in permanent or temporary installations. With the RadarOne radar, the WideAlert acoustic sensors, the RFOne HF detectors and the DroneHeat and DroneOpt cameras (with integrated DroneBeam), Sentry correlates the available data for the user and offers maximum situational awareness and … Read more

Drones measure structures

Drones are suitable for measuring the lengths and volumes of buildings and other objects. In addition, a technology is used that has made enormous progress in recent years: photogrammetry. Continue reading…

Tethered Drone – The tethered drone

Purpose of the tied up drone Tied up (tethered) drones are used when long flight times are required on site, e.g. for camera surveillance, for measurements or as flying relay stations in radio transmission. Since the drone is supplied with energy via the ground station, the flight time is not limited by the drone’s batteries. … Read more

DroneShield at IFSEC London June 20-22, 2017

DroneShield will be exhibiting at the upcoming IFSEC Security exhibition in London from June 20th to 22nd. IFSEC is Europe’s largest security product show, with over 27,000 security experts. You can find more information about the exhibition here . You are invited to meet the DroneShield team at booth number C1830.

Agroscope helps bees with drones

With our cargo drone Transformer Agroscope, Switzerland’s agricultural research institute, researches fields and meadows to find out more about bees. A high-resolution Sony camera shoots razor-sharp images on which each blossom can be recognized and evaluated in post-processing. The drone deployed based on the Transformer frame is characterized by high payloads and long flight times. … Read more

3D printing for spare parts

New in the offer: We manufacture plastic parts (spare parts) on our 3D printers made of PLA or ABS plastic. PLA is a bit brittle, you know the material of yoghurt cups. ABS, on the other hand, has good strength values and is media-resistant, but processing is more difficult and parts tend to “warp”, ie … Read more

Indoor navigation

Pozyx Indoor Navigation (navigation without GNSS / GPS) Alternatively, a Pozyx system can be installed in rooms without stable reception. The anchors should be placed in a rectangular shape. The anchor with the lowest ID will act as the “origin” and should be placed at the lower left corner of the rectangle. Each of the … Read more

Wiris Workswell with DJI M600

The WIRIS Workswell thermal imaging camera can now be controlled via CAN bus. In addition to the already available CAN bus kits for the DJI A2 and DJI A3, a CAN bus kit is now available for the M600. The GPS signal can also be obtained via the CAN bus. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPzezF7RkLg[/embedyt]

New: TransformerUAV – the flexible UAV platform

New in the Koller range TransformerUAV – the flexible UAV platform Conventional frame and structure concepts are mostly characterized by a fixed structure, little flexibility in the needs-based and application-related design, limited space in the central area, increased maintenance costs and hardly any expansion options. Due to the great variety of possible uses, flight systems … Read more

Wingsland K3 drone

New at Koller: The Wingsland K3 drone Technical specifications Camera: Sony 4K UHD 12 MP FPV: Wifi Battery: Smart Battery 4S2P, 5C 11.1V 6200mA Lipo Remote control: 2.4 GHz wireless remote control with built-in GPS for follow-me modes App

New DJI Matrice 200 industrial drone

DJI presents the new Matrice 200. The Matrice 200 is splash-proof and dust-proof according to IP43. The camera can be pointed upwards, and a distance sensor measures the distance upwards. The high-precision RTK GPS is available as an accessory, which can be helpful in strong magnetic fields as it replaces the vulnerable compass. Power is … Read more

Middle East governments protect themselves against ISIS Air Force with DroneShield

DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO) (“DroneShield” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a sale of its DroneGun tactical drone jammer product to the Ministry of Defense of a Middle Eastern country through the Company’s relevant distributor. The country is closely allied with the Western countries. This is the first reported sale of a tactical drone … Read more

DroneLight – the world’s brightest LED light for drones

The world’s brightest LED light for drones The world’s brightest lamp for drones, light, compact and ultra-bright. Who invented it? The Swiss. Koller Engineering develops and produces the DroneLight in Switzerland. DroneLight turns the multicopter into a flying floodlight mast. DroneLight is ideal for nocturnal photo and video recordings, search and rescue tasks and the … Read more

Aerial photography

Aerial photography with drones Pictures say more than a thousand words, this also applies to aerial photography with drones. We deliver high-resolution images and videos that can be used for image brochures, photo printouts, websites or for documentation purposes. Our pilots arrive with accurate material and know the local (flight) regulations, so that nothing stands … Read more

Workswell Wiris applications

Workswell publishes application stories where you can read how our customers use the Workswell thermal imaging system for drones in their area of interest. Building diagnostics CONDITION OF BUILDINGS Infrared (IR) cameras are used to diagnose the condition of buildings by detecting thermal bridges and other anomalies. Roof inspections FIND ROOF LEAKS Locating wet insulation … Read more

Copter for BOS authorities and organizations with security tasks

Experience the new BOS-UAV, a robust and enduring drone for use in the fire brigade, rescue service, emergency doctor, disaster control, civil defense, police or customs. The drone can also be controlled with gloves using the robust “Commander 100″ remote control. Thermal imaging cameras, high-resolution clear-image cameras and other sensors can be used as required. … Read more

Turkish Ministry awards DroneShield contract

Press release ASX announcement DroneShield has received a detection system order for the Republic of Turkey’s Prime Ministry from a local distribution partner. Multiple sensor products to be installed at a facility operated by the agency. Combination of initial revenue and recurring revenues after the initial year flowing from the installation.   DroneShield Ltd (ASX: … Read more

Japanese government agency awards order to DroneShield

Press release DroneShield is pleased to announce it has received an order for its drone detection system for a high profile Asian government department user from a local distribution partner. The ASX announcement is set out below. ——————————————————- DroneShield has received a detection system order for a high profile Asian government department user from a … Read more

New: logo with drone

Koller Engineering complements its logo with a stylized drone to show our connection to the drone market and to immediately convey to the viewer what he can expect from us: drones and drone detection!    

DroneGun – tactical anti-drone device

DroneGun is a portable anti-drone device that can be used against a wide range of models of drones. It disrupts (jams) the 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz radio frequency bands, as well as the signals from the GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems (subject to local legislation).  

New in the range: uAvionix ADS-B

The uAvionix products are now available from Koller Engineering. uAvionix has drastically reduced the size and the costs of critical security components such as ADS-B and thus made them suitable for use on UAVs. uAvionix products are compatible with DJI, Pixhawk and other platforms. Shop uAvionix Introduction Video

DroneGun at the WEF Davos

Press release Cantonal Police of Graubünden relies on the DroneGun for security at the WEF Zwillikon / Switzerland, January 23, 2017. The company Koller Engineering, developer of drone technology based in Zwillikon / Switzerland, is pleased to announce that the DroneGun has been used by the Cantonal Police of Graubünden for the protection of the … Read more

C-UAS Counter Drone Equipment

With Droneshield, Koller Engineering offers a complete range of products for drone detection and defeat for stationary and mobile purposes. Droneshield products have already proven themselves in a large number of projects. The sensor network with proprietary multi-sensor detection technology reliably detects drones in the monitored airspace and prevents drones from penetrating into protected areas. … Read more

Fleet management

Efficient drone fleet management saves costs and increases efficiency. We keep your drone fleet up-to-date and take care of repairs, check-ups and replacement devices. Benefit from higher productivity through safe and functional devices, a minimized risk of downtime and reliable planning. We analyze your drone fleet and make you an individual offer for tailor-made fleet … Read more

DroneSentry C2 product video

DroneSentry-C2 is a command and control system (C2) with extensive reporting functions. The graphical user interface (GUI) can be used to compile and analyze large amounts of environmental data in order to display it seamlessly and effectively to the user. This considerably reduces the reaction and reaction times. More…

Australian Department of Defense procures RfPatrol

DroneShield today released the following ASX announcement: DroneShield Ltd is proud to announce that it has won the Australian Department of Defense tender for portable unmanned aerial systems (drones). DroneShield won the contract after an open tender process. The contract has a volume of AUD 700,000 and consists of an initial purchase price and an … Read more

DroneSentinel product video

DroneSentry integrates sensors and countermeasures into a uniform platform that can be used in permanent or temporary installations. By integrating radar, RfOne HF detectors and DroneOpt cameras, Sentry correlates the data available to users and offers maximum situational awareness and rapid response to threats from the air. DroneOpt (camera) sensors can use DroneOptID, the latest … Read more

DroneShield’s Statement on the Gatwick Shutdown

Sydney Australia and Warrenton, Virginia, USA – DroneShield Ltd (ASX: DRO or DRO.AU) (“DroneShield”), a publicly-traded leader in the emerging industry of drone security solutions, notes the recent events at Gatwick Airport (UK). The Events at GatwickAccording to press reports and statements by UK government officials, one or more drones were flown by unknown operators … Read more


DroneShield DroneNode is an inconspicuous, mobile drone defense device. The device is easy to use and ready for use within 10 seconds.

DroneShield Complete GUI

DroneShield today officially released DroneShield Complete TM v2.0, the largest software update for the Drone Sentry & Drone Sentinel product suites. DroneShield Complete TM offers the user a ‘best in class’ drone detection and defense interface with extensions for tracking, navigation, functionality and usability. DroneShield Complete TM includes a graphical user interface (GUI), and analyzes … Read more

DroneShield receives certification for airports

DroneShield today released an announcement regarding the results of an independent certification of the compatibility of DroneShield product modules with airport use. The announcement reads as follows: • DroneShield-emitting product modules that are independently rated as compatible with airport use • Drones pose a serious threat to airport security • Certification as part of the … Read more

Mobile drone defense

DroneShield presents a mobile solution for drone defense in Adelaide. A VAN converted by ISI specialists serves as the carrier vehicle. The installation is suitable for temporary events and short-term interventions.

Create up-to-date 2D maps quickly

The new pix4D react software is suitable for the quick creation of current 2D overview maps. The drone automatically calculates its route over the area to be recorded and transmits the recorded image data to the pix4D react software, which creates a map from it and makes it available to the emergency services.

DroneShield protects NASCAR

The Fort Worth Police Department today confirmed that DroneShield will be used to protect the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. The 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is the 70th season of professional stock car racing in the United States and is a top event with significant safety requirements. Fort Worth Police Officer Eric … Read more

RfZero – New product video

RfZero is a quickly deployable UAS detection device that is ideal for small to medium-sized locations. A single RfZero is used to monitor a prison or government building for drone activity in the immediate vicinity. RfZero is lightweight and inexpensive and can be installed either temporarily or permanently. More…

GPS, differential GPS and RTK for drones

Drones are dependent on precise positioning in space. How does GPS, Differential GPS or RTK work with drones? GPS There are several active satellite navigation systems called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) that can be used for civil purposes. The best known is GPS (USA), there is also GLONASS (Russia), Baidou (China) and Gallileo (Europe, … Read more

100x more accurate than GNSS

Swift – 100x more accurate than traditional GNSS Drones require precise navigation – especially those that perform critical functions. Swift navigation solutions use real-time kinematics (RTK) technology, a location method that is 100 times more accurate than traditional GNSS such as GPS. Swift Navigation is the manufacturer of the Piksi Multi GNSS receiver. Its dual-frequency … Read more

New electronics and software services

Koller Engineering, together with its partner Ionxs SA, offers electronics and software services that are used on special copters. Our technologies are used, among other things, to encrypt data communication between the copter and ground station, for on-board data evaluation and for data transmission over long distances. Technologies offered ARM® and proprietary microcontrollers Native implementation … Read more

Eagles and laser cannons versus drones

Contribution from the “Aargauer Zeitung” of October 22, 2016 with a mention of Koller Engineering: [gview file=”https://www.koller.engineering/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Boomendes-Geschäft_-Adler-und-Laserkanonen-gegen-Drohnen-Schweiz-az-Aargauer-Zeitung.pdf”] Remote-controlled flying objects Booming business: eagles and laser cannons versus drones Defense against drones has become a business. One that is growing rapidly. Some of the defense methods developed are adventurous Drones have long been used in war: … Read more

Swiss companies and prisons are declaring war on drones

Article from the “Berner Zeitung” of October 1, 2016 with a mention of Koller Engineering: [gview file=”https://www.koller.engineering/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Text_Drohnen_Berner-Zeitung.pdf”] New business field defense systems against drones Swiss companies and prisons are declaring war on drones Because more and more drones are circling in the Swiss sky, the security risks are increasing. Institutions such as prisons are now … Read more

Dronesurfing – a new trend sport?

Surfers and boarders let themselves be pulled by high-performance drones when there is a lack of wind or a gradient. With a little skill and know-how (and a good video editing program), incredible ideas can be realized, as the two videos below of a drone surfer and a drone boarder show:

Guns and drugs from heaven

Article from “Schweiz am Sonntag” of May 31, 2015 with a mention of Koller Engineering: [gview file=”https://www.koller.engineering/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2015_05_31_Schweiz-am-Sonntag.pdf”] Guns and drugs from heaven Drones are increasingly a threat to prisons. There is a lack of defense systems. Arms smuggling was no longer an issue in Swiss prisons for a long time. But now there are security … Read more

Prisons invest a lot of money in drone detectors

Article from the “Neue Luzerner Zeitung” of September 10, 2016 with a mention of Koller Engineering: [gview file=”https://www.koller.engineering/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Gefängnisse-investieren-viel-Geld-in-Drohnen-Abwehr.pdf”] Prisons invest a lot of money in drone detectors SMUGGLING ⋅ Time and again, drone pilots try to fly objects into prisons. People react differently in prisons in central Switzerland. Drones are remote-controlled, small aircraft. They are … Read more

Order for 70 DroneGun

DroneShield wins a $ 3.2 million order for 70 units of the DroneGun from a country in the Middle East allied with the Western powers. Not only is this the largest order in DroneShield history, but also the largest known order in the industry to date.

esurance.ch – insurance of drones

A contribution by esurance.ch So-called drones, copters, quadrocopters and multicopters are all the rage. Most of the aircraft are equipped with a camera with which impressive photos and videos can be taken. But who pays if the drone crashes and damages property or people? In the following article we explain what to look out for … Read more

Drones should fly with a chip

Report from the NZZ, by Ursina Haller / July 14, 2016, 11:22 am In the future, drones should no longer take off without registration. The federal government is working on a regulation that will make the owners easier to identify. Crashes, disregarded flight bans and extensive filming: the use of private drones regularly causes trouble. … Read more

DroneShield in Pyeongchang 2018

DroneShield Ltd, a leader in drone security solutions, has announced that its anti-drone products will help protect the XXIII. Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The Games ran between February 9-25, 2018 and featured 102 events in fifteen sports, with 2,914 athletes from 92 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competing. DroneShield has now received formal … Read more

Swaytronic Iced Power

Swaytronic launches the LiPo battery for cold winter days under the brand name “Iced Power”. Every RC pilot knows the difficulties of lithium polymer batteries in the cold season. Cold temperature performance is just as problematic as storage and transportation – normal LiPo batteries cannot tolerate low temperatures. The widely used lithium polymer battery technology … Read more

DroneRepair ™ Drone repair with a cost ceiling

New: Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ repairs drones of all manufacturers and sizes at fair and transparent conditions. Well-trained and experienced technicians work in our well-equipped drone workshop. From a small propeller break to complex frame repairs, from software updates to test flights, with us all work is carried out competently and … Read more

New thermal imaging camera FLIR Vue PRO

FLIR presents the new FLIR Vue PRO thermal imaging camera. The Vue PRO completes the top of the Vue product line and offers new features that professional users should not be without. The Vue PRO has these additional features compared to its smaller sister FLIR Vue: On-board recording: It is now possible to save recordings … Read more

Secure transmission protocol HTTPS

Koller Engineering uses the secure HTTPS encryption protocol for www.koller.engineering. The activated HTTPS protocol can be recognized by the green lettering and the lock in the browser input window. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS, English for secure hypertext transmission protocol ) is a communication protocol on the World Wide Web to transmit data securely against … Read more


RfPatrol is a versatile, portable drone detection device. The device provides the user with situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. RfPatrol was designed to be extremely effective for a wide variety of operators in a number of demanding environments. The RfPatrol can operate in two modes, “Stealth” and “Glimpse”, so that the user can … Read more

Interview for the UASympEx Hamburg

Interview for the UASympEx Hamburg to the interview on the UASympEx website We have already talked about the risk of misuse of drones and protection through detection and defense. Andreas Koller is also working in this field with his company Koller Engineering from Switzerland. We asked him about the use of UAS and the DroneShield … Read more

On a drone hunt with the safety net

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rJIWNH13v0 Press release NetGun Copter Nottwil / Switzerland, July 22, 2015. The company Koller Engineering, a drone service provider based in Nottwil / Switzerland, has developed a drone called NetGun Copter that can eject a safety net. For the first time it is possible to intercept enemy drones while they are still in the … Read more

Rigidity and strength of multicopter frames

A supporting function The frame is the load-bearing structure of the multicopter, which should be as light as possible, but still stable, practical and with good flight characteristics. The choice of material and the geometry of the frame structure have a significant impact on these properties. When it comes to the frame material used, weight, … Read more

SUI-9998: HighOne receives FOCA approval

RPAS HighOne von Koller Engineering has received a permit from the Federal Office for Civil Aviation FOCA to operate closer than 100m from crowds. The permit is tied to a number of conditions, including suitable flying weather. The flights were carried out on the occasion of a customer presentation to demonstrate the performance of DroneShield … Read more

DroneShield at the 2015 Boston Marathon

DroneShield is an outfitter for the 2015 Boston Marathon Since the attack last year, security at the Boston Marathon has been tightened significantly. DroneShield was chosen to detect drones along the route and warn the police. [gview file=”http://www.koller.engineering/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/DroneShield-2015-Boston-Marathon.pdf” save=”1″]

New thermal imaging camera FLIR Vue

The new FLIR Vue thermal imaging camera will be used on the Thermal 8/1050 industrial drone from July 2015. The camera delivers thermal images with a high resolution of 640 x 512 pixels in the range of 7.5 – 13.5 μm. The area of application extends from the search for humans and animals to the … Read more

Control for pilot and cameraman

Photographers and videographers have to be flexible. Pre-programmed GPS flight routes are therefore not always the best choice. Our pilot – camera operator control gives the photographer the greatest possible freedom. The pilot is responsible for the aircraft. He controls the copter on the route requested by the photographer. The photographer controls the camera using … Read more

DroneShield in the media

New York Times, A Drone, Too Small for Radar to Detect, Rattles the White House Fox Business, March 20, 2015, Drone Shield’s co-founder Brian Hearing on the FAA allowing Amazon to test drone delivery and new FAA rules The Economist, May 2, 2015 Copping a ‘copter CBS News, February 19, 2015 Drones: a new favorite … Read more

Koller Engineering in the media

Koller Engineering in the media December 2016 – Stern – DroneGun December 2016 – Blick – DroneGun December 2016 – the standard – DroneGun November 2016 – 20 minutes – DroneGun October 2016 – Berner Zeitung – Thorberg checks systems for drone defense September 2016 – New Lucerne Newspaper – Prisons invest a lot of … Read more

Introductory flight lesson

Get to know us on an introductory flight lesson for multicopters and camera systems. We look at your flight material and discuss options and goals. You learn a flight maneuver according to your wishes (and level of knowledge) with your or our material. Registration / date: anytime by arrangement Duration: approx. 45 minutes Location: Tennikon … Read more

Repair service for DJI Mavic

Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ carries out repairs and conversions on DJI Mavic. Our customers include photographers and filmmakers, farmers, surveyors, architects, industrial companies and scientists. Work in our well-equipped service and repair center trained and experienced technicians and pilots. We look after all known brands. Koller Engineering DroneRepair ™ specializes in repairs and modifications to … Read more