New: DroneShield DroneSentinal multisensor drone detection and defense

DroneSentry integrates sensors and countermeasures from DroneShield in a uniform platform that can be used in permanent or temporary installations. With the RadarOne radar, the WideAlert acoustic sensors, the RFOne HF detectors and the DroneHeat and DroneOpt cameras (with integrated DroneBeam), Sentry correlates the available data for the user and offers maximum situational awareness and the fastest response Air threats. DroneSentry also includes the DroneCannon RF countermeasure, which provides end-to-end detection and responsiveness.

DroneSentry is the ideal protection solution for critical locations and installations.

Advantages of DroneSentry

  • Integrated Detect and Defeat Solution: Automatic detection and deactivation of incoming drone threats
  • Anti-Swarming Ability: Disables multiple incoming drone threats in its effective area
  • Modular: A compact design enables effective transport and assembly
  • Durable: Weatherproof and robust design protects the technology in harsh environments


Nominal UAS detection:

  • RadarOne: 1.5km
  • WideAlert: 200m
  • RFOne: 1km
  • DroneHeat / DroneOpt:
    • 600m for small drones
    • 2km for large drones
  • DroneCannon Engagement range: 2km

Output options:

  • IP-based alarms (email, SMS, XML / JSON)
  • Display zones and additional sensor evidence
  • Mobile (SMS, audible phone call)
  • Radio frequency, audible warnings
  • DroneShield user interface

Ethernet connection

Project under development – The end product is subject to significant changes due to development requirements

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