Deinopsys Netgun

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With the Deinopsys Netgun, drones are intercepted at close range. The range is up to 40m. Because of the high projectile energy, the Deinopsys Netgun is not suitable for catching animals. Three net heads are screwed onto the launcher ready for use and can be fired one after the other. The device is light, compact and easy to carry. The Deinopsys Netgun is delivered with a launcher, three ready-to-use net heads, shoulder strap, shoulder strap and case. Request an offer here: Contact

Intended use

  • Interception of drones
  • deterrence

Net head

The safety net consists of high-strength fibers. The special line geometry enables a high range and accuracy. The drone gets caught in the net and falls to the ground. An integrated parachute and a return line are optionally available.

The net head is packed and loaded ready for use from the manufacturer and screwed onto the launcher by the user. The net, propellant charge and barrel form a unit as a net head and are intended for single use. The net head is returned to the manufacturer after use and reloaded.


  • police
  • army
  • Security guards

The purchase of this product is bound to legal requirements. The buyer needs a gun license.


  • Firing range: up to 40 m
  • Operating temperature: –20 to +45 ° C
  • Material: launcher plastic and aluminum, net head carbon
  • Length: 375 mm (750mm with shoulder rest)
  • Weight: 1.46 kg (with three net heads)

Scope of delivery

  • 1x launcher
  • 3x network heads (loaded)
  • Collapsible shoulder rest
  • Shoulder strap
  • Case with foam inlet
  • Training 2h (excluding travel)

Accessories (optional)

  • Net with parachute
  • Net with return line
  • Exercise net heads

The purchase of this product is bound to legal requirements. The sale is handled through Swiss Aerobotics and Wyss Waffen.

Product video

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