DJI Enterprise Multicopter Phantom 4 RTK , DJI Care Basic

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DJI Enterprise Multicopter Phantom 4 RTK , DJI Care Basic

The compact and precise mapping solution for low altitudes

  • RTK module for centimeter-accurate position data for improved overall metadata accuracy
  • Redundant GNSS modules for more flight stability in areas with poor reception
  • Supports connection to the D-RTK 2 Mobile Station and connection via NTRIP via a 4G dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot, as well as storage of satellite data for Post Processed Kinematics (PPK)
  • Camera equipped with 1″ CMOS sensor with 20 megapixels
  • GS RTK App with numerous setting options
  • DJI Care Basic Insurance: Fees DJI claim 1 – 299 EUR, claim 2 – 399 EUR (incl. delivery and transport costs from DJI to you)

Positioning system for centimeter-accurate results

The integrated RTK module ensures particularly accurate position data, resulting in improved overall metadata precision. In addition, there are redundant GNSS modules under the RTK receiver, which provide more flight stability in areas with poor reception (e.g. densely built-up inner cities). The interaction of both modules not only increases flight safety, but also enables the simultaneous logging of precision data from complex surveys, mapping and inspections.

TimeSync system for precise data logging

The TimeSync system continuously compares the data from the flight controller, the camera and the RTK module. Thus, the advantages of the positioning modules are fully exploited. Furthermore, the system ensures that each photo is equipped with precise metadata and fixes the position data in the center of the CMOS for optimal results and precision in photogrammetric methods.

Camera system for high-quality results

The Phantom 4 RTK is equipped with a precise camera system. It has a 1″ CMOS sensor with 20 megapixels. Thanks to the high resolution, it is possible to achieve Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of 2.74 cm at an altitude of 100 m. Furthermore, a mechanical shutter prevents rolling shutter effects for seamless mapping and data acquisition. To ensure precision, each lens undergoes a calibration process in which radial and tangential distortions are measured. The system stores the directory parameters in the metadata of each image so that the post-processing software can be customized for each user.

Helpful GS RTK App

In addition to the usual flight modes, the two planning modes «Photogrammetry» and «Waypoints» are available. These allow you to automate workflows by setting the flight path of the Phantom 4 RTK, while parameters such as overlap rate, altitude, airspeed and camera settings are easily adjustable. The app also offers various functions for mapping and inspections. For example, it is able to load KML files directly, allowing you to plan flight routes in the office. In addition, an aperture automatic mode keeps the exposure constant for all photos and wind warnings inform about unfavorable shooting operations.

RTF – Ready to Fly

RTF models are ready for use out of the box. You will receive a complete package with a ready-made model and a compatible transmitter – unpack and get started, that’s the motto of “Ready to Fly” models. Due to its easy handling, this type is ideal for entering the world of model sports. 

Difficulty: Advanced

You have a basic knowledge and have the necessary experience and suitable tools to wire your model correctly yourself if necessary and to put it safely into operation.

Brushless motor

A brushless motor is an electric motor without brushes, which is characterized by a higher efficiency, lower wear and lower weight compared to the brushed motor.

RTR – Ready to Run

These models are ready for use out of the box. You get a complete package with a ready-made model, a compatible transmitter, a battery and charger. Due to its easy handling, this type is ideal for entering the world of model sports.


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Compatibility: DJI Phantom 4
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