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DJI Transmission

Foresight beyond borders
DJI Transmission is a further development of the established transmission technology of DJI aircraft. It is an integrated solution, with video receiver, monitor, controller and transmitter. The perfect integration with products of the Ronin series and DJI Master Wheels offers the industry a revolutionary transfer, which allows vision beyond borders.

Revolutionary transmission

Far-reaching HD live feed
DJI Transmission integrates O3 Pro video transmission technology, which provides an incredible range of 6km. It also supports 1080p/60fps video transmission with a maximum bit rate of 50 Mbps, as well as live audio at 16-bit, 48kHz, giving film crews on large sets excellent visual and audio recording control.

Ultra-low latency
The transmitter and receiver use the same chip as the Ronin 4D, with each connection explicitly optimized to provide ultra-low latency when connecting to cinema cameras such as the ALEXA Mini LF.

Seamless automatic frequency switching
Pro adds DFS bands in addition to the traditional 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, providing up to 23 channels that provide interference-free transmission channels for professional film crews. In addition, DJI Transmission supports automatic frequency switching, scanning the electromagnetic environment for the best radio channel.
With a built-in wireless scanner, you can even manually select the optimal channel to avoid interference between devices. By mounting high-performance antennas, the transmission capability is further increased.

A transmitter with multiple receivers
The very bright wireless monitor supports a transmitter with multiple receivers for video and audio feeds in two transmission modes. In control mode, DJI Transmission delivers optimal transmission performance
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